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Our Story

The G&Juice Story

G&Juice, the female-run, CBD-infused sparkling beverage collection is here to shake up the typically male-dominated cannabinoid industry with its perfectly-balanced calming effects and unbeatable taste.

The three founders, Genina, Lisa, and Jade separately discovered the nurturing effects of CBD and collectively knew it would be their company’s raison d'être. 

The founders got to work creating a new brand that spoke to women from all walks of life who, like them, needed relief from the unique challenges of each day. Together they turned something that improved their quality of life into a product that simply works.

Introducing G&Juice- Easy, Accessible, and Enjoyable beverages with unbeatable taste.

Lets cheers to Cannabinoids Becoming Drinkable!

Our Values

We believe that accessing the perfect amount of chill after a long day is a mandatory practice in self-care. It’s an artform. It’s a ritual on which we can rely. It’s as simple as opening the fridge to find that you’re fully stocked on good vibes.

Mind, body and heart must be tended to daily. We seek out & offer up alternative, innovative methods to keep our physical and emotional lives intact and thriving. (And we want our taste buds to enjoy the effervescent ride too.)

We are unwavering in our mission to bring people a moment of emotional calm and mouth-watering delight through incredible ingredients that are naturally sourced and produced. We just feel that life’s a little sweeter when we create things with Mama Earth in mind.

Not all things need a reason. Maybe they just need an intention. So, step away from the phone, pop open a fizzy drink and smell the roses. Slowing down, having quality chill time and being present with your own thoughts & feelings are all part of the doing-something-just-because-it-feels-good movement we’re starting. It’s a G&Juice thing.


We are the friend you go to for life advice, not because we know it all, but because we are always trying the latest thing. We keep our finger on the pulse. We aren’t bookish, but we are well-read (we speed-read the Skimm and listen to NPR during our morning commute without fail). We have a tendency toward experimentation and a healthy dose of mischief. A yogi type that isn’t lost in space. Extremely grounded and realistic. The ladies who make witty side comments under our Om’s.
We are G&Juice.

- Genina, Jade & Lisa

Follow our bliss


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Embodying emotional wellness
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